Claimants Appeals in Louisiana

As a claimant if your claim for Unemployment Compensation has been rejected by your employer then you have all the rights to go forward and appeal for the denial.

Filing the Unemployment Appeal
The process of filing an appeal varies from state to state. Within 15 days of the mailing date of the denied letter you may claim for the appeal. Once you have put forth your appeal a hearing will be held before an Administrative Law Judge. To know more about this check out our Filing Unemployment guide.

While Filing Initial Claim
In order to ensure smooth process of claiming for the Unemployment Benefits you need to be ready with all the below mentioned check list details for your reference:
  •          Your name, social security number, addresses and telephone number.
  •         In case if you are claiming file for dependents then you need to have their names, birth dates and social security numbers of your dependents.
  •          Complete payroll address, reason for separation for each employer you worked for last 18 months.

Filing Procedure

There are basically three types to appeal for filing procedures. One is through online process by logging into Enclose a copy of the determination along with the appealing letter. The other process is by mailing. You can mail the appeal letter addressed to: Louisiana Workforce Commission, Appeals Unit, P.O. Box 94094, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9094. You can either fax the document on (225) 342-3112, but remember that your filling appeal date should not exceed 15 days of your denial letter.
If you appeal as a claimant, you should continue to file weekly claims until a final decision is rendered or until you return to work.

After filing the appeal letter

Subsequently after filing the appeal, you will be replied with a mailed acknowledgment receipt. After the appeal is sent to appeal section, it would be reviewed and processed for hearing. But, in case if you don’t receive the copy within ten days of your filed date you need to contact UI customer service over phone on 1-866-783-5567 for assistance. To know more about Louisiana unemployment check out our Louisiana Unemployment Benefits guide.

Appeal hearing

The hearing will be conducted usually within three to four weeks just after the date of the appeal was filed. Usually hearing will be held at the same office where the claim was filed or which is approximately about 50 miles of distance which is suitable to participate for both the parties. Sometimes hearing would take place over telephone in case both the parties are not within 50 miles of hearing location. The Administrative Law Judge who conducts the hearing will mail a written decision to both the parties.


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