Claimants Appeals in Louisiana

As a claimant if your claim for Unemployment Compensation has been rejected by your employer then you have all the rights to go forward and appeal for the denial.

Filing the Unemployment Appeal
The process of filing an appeal varies from state to state. Within 15 days of the mailing date of the denied letter you may claim for the appeal. Once you have put forth your appeal a hearing will be held before an Administrative Law Judge. To know more about this check out our Filing Unemployment guide.

While Filing Initial Claim
In order to ensure smooth process of claiming for the Unemployment Benefits you need to be ready with all the below mentioned check list details for your reference:
  •          Your name, social security number, addresses and telephone number.
  •         In case if you are claiming file for dependents then you need to have their names, birth dates and social security numbers of your dependents.
  •          Complete payroll address, reason for separation for each employer you worked for last 18 months.

Filing Procedure

There are basically three types to appeal for filing procedures. One is through online process by logging into Enclose a copy of the determination along with the appealing letter. The other process is by mailing. You can mail the appeal letter addressed to: Louisiana Workforce Commission, Appeals Unit, P.O. Box 94094, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9094. You can either fax the document on (225) 342-3112, but remember that your filling appeal date should not exceed 15 days of your denial letter.
If you appeal as a claimant, you should continue to file weekly claims until a final decision is rendered or until you return to work.

After filing the appeal letter

Subsequently after filing the appeal, you will be replied with a mailed acknowledgment receipt. After the appeal is sent to appeal section, it would be reviewed and processed for hearing. But, in case if you don’t receive the copy within ten days of your filed date you need to contact UI customer service over phone on 1-866-783-5567 for assistance. To know more about Louisiana unemployment check out our Louisiana Unemployment Benefits guide.

Appeal hearing

The hearing will be conducted usually within three to four weeks just after the date of the appeal was filed. Usually hearing will be held at the same office where the claim was filed or which is approximately about 50 miles of distance which is suitable to participate for both the parties. Sometimes hearing would take place over telephone in case both the parties are not within 50 miles of hearing location. The Administrative Law Judge who conducts the hearing will mail a written decision to both the parties.

Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Compensation

Each and every state’s UI laws may differ but they are basically very similar. All states must conform to basic principles set forth by federal regulation.

Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Compensation
The maximum Unemployment benefits payable to any unemployed claimer would be equal to whichever is lesser than:
Twenty six times of his/her weekly benefit rate or
One-third of a claimant base-period wages excluding that no worker's maximum amount shall be less than fifteen times his weekly benefit rate.  To know more about this check out our Kentucky Unemployment Insurance guide.

While Filing Initial Claim
To ensure smooth process of claiming the Unemployment Benefit you need to be ready with all the below mentioned check list details for your reference:
  •          Your name, social security number, addresses and telephone number.
  •         In case if you are claiming file for dependents then you need to have their names, birth dates and social security numbers.
  •          Complete payroll address, reason for separation for each employer you worked for last 18 months before filing the claims.
Process to file Unemployment Compensation in Kentucky
You can process the Kentucky Unemployment Compensation via Internet or through telephone by calling 866-291-2926.
For claiming the check you may contact during week from Sunday to Friday.
You need to consider the last number of your Social Security Number so as to reach Kentucky Unemployment Claims:
  • 0, 1, you can file your claim or request benefits on Monday
  • 2, 3, 4, 5 you can file your claim or request benefits on Tuesday
  • 6, 7, 8, 9 you can file your claim or request benefits on Wednesday
·         Hours for requesting benefits are Sunday 10am-9pm and Monday-Friday 7am-7pm.

Current Kentucky’s UI benefit rate range
As per the Kentucky’s current Unemployment Insurance, benefit rate ranges from $39.00 minimum to $415.00 maximum per week.
UI UI tax rate figured process in Kentucky
While calculating the UI tax rate there are many variables to consider. Let us look into them in detail. The amount of taxes paid into a reserve account for each employer is deducted with the amount of benefits paid. On the other hand tax rate are not calculated completely on the reserve account balance but also compares the amount of balance to the amount of the total taxable wages that is reported by the employer during the base period. To have a good idea about unemployment check out our  Filing Unemployment  guide.
As a result of recent modification in the unemployment insurance law, it is essential to serve your first week of claiming period as waiting period for every benefit year. Remember waiting week will be considered as your first week payable of benefits. You will appeal for two weeks benefits. The amount of your first check will be declared for the only one week and the maximum amount will not vary.  

Unemployment Benefits Available In Kansas

Unemployment Insurance is considered as the temporary or momentary income for people who are looking for new jobs in approved training or awaiting recall from the company and for workers who are unemployed because of no mistakes of theirs. To know more about unemployment check out our Unemployment Insurance guide.

Extended Unemployment Insurance
In case if an unemployed worker has exhausted his regular Unemployment Insurance Benefits, Extended Benefits assist him/her by providing additional compensation.
Let us look in details of some benefits that are available under current legislation:
Various unemployment benefits are available in Kansas:
An unemployed worker has the benefit of claiming the unemployment compensation up to 86 weeks; let us look in details on each terms and conditions.

Regular Unemployment Benefits

The revenue is funded 100% with State UI Trust Fund and is available up to 26 weeks. Remember the duration depends upon employment history and his earning.

Eligibility Requirements to be fulfilled to claim this benefit:
Available for up to 26 weeks (length depends on employment history and earnings). To receive unemployment benefits, you must be: 
  •  Active Seeking, Able and available to work
    •  Unemployed due to no fault of your own
    Emergency Unemployment Compensation Benefits
    This Program was initiated on July 6, 2008, hence known as (EUC 08) Benefits. The revenue for this is 100 % funded by Federal Funds and is available up to 20 weeks of extended unemployment benefits.

    Eligibility Requirements to be fulfilled to claim this benefit:
    • Filing a valid UI claim, fully or partially unemployed while filing the claim
    • Claimant should have had 20 weeks duration of full time backup or the earned equivalent insured wages and need to fulfill other criteria’s such as being ready, willing and able to work.
    Tier II EUC Benefits

    This program provided up-to 13+1 weeks of additional benefits, as per the legislation pass on November 2009 one week extension is effective and the revenue is funded 100% by Federal Funds.

    Eligibility Requirements to be fulfilled to claim this benefit:
    • If you are receiving EUC Tier I benefits, then you are likely to be eligible for Tier II benefits also.
    • As the benefits will roll over from Tier I to Tier II, theclaimants will not need to fill out an additional  application if he/she is not eligible for a new state unemployment insurance claim in any state or in Canada.

    Tier III EUC Benefits
    This program provided up to 13 weeks of additional benefits and the revenue is funded 100% by Federal Funds.

    Eligibility Requirements to be fulfilled to claim this benefit:
    • Claimant should have been exhausted of regular state’s original extended unemployment compensation and tier II EUC benefits.
    • He/ she should not have been qualified for new state’s unemployment insurance claim in any way.
    To know more about Kansas unemployment check out our Kansas Unemployment Benefits guide.

    State Extended Benefits
    This program provided upto 13 weeks of additional benefits and the revenue is funded 100% by Federal Funds.

    Eligibility Requirements to be fulfilled to claim this benefit: 
    • Claimant should not be eligible for a new state’s unemployment insurance claim in any state including Canada.
    • The State Extended Benefits program “triggers on” when Kansas seasonally adjusts unemployment rate to meet certain criteria.

    Face up to Unemployment

    Facing economic recession, anyone may lose job. Unemployment isn't a terrible thing. Unemployment isn't failure. Face up to unemployment, and get rid of unemployment depression. I give the unemployed people several suggestions:

    1. Control one's own mood

    You are certain to feel angry when losing the job. However, anger will injure your health. I advise you to control your mood, and pour out your suffering to your friends or family.

    2. Re-plan the personal financial affairs

    Change life style after unemployment, reduce unnecessary expenditure. It is very essential to learn to save money when we suffer financial crisis.

    3. Look for new employment opportunity

    Search for job information on the Internet; seek help from friend and relative, they will offer employment information to you; seek help from local career center.

    4. Prepare for job hunting

    A good resume is the key of job hunting success. The resume needn't be too long. Concise resume is the best. Explain one's own specialty and ability in resume.

    Unemployment is only temporary. We don't fear unemployment. Self-confidence will help the unemployed people to find a new job.

    Are You Unemployed? Let's Go to Travel!

    Full of unemployment news around us since the economic crisis broke out. All news is bad and negative. However, I think the unemployment also has positive function. Unemployed people have abundant time; people have got used to taking exercises; people have got used to reading and learning. This is the progress of culture.

    A lot of unemployed people feel depressed. As we know, unemployment depressed mood will destroy our health. In fact we can control our mood. In order to forget the unemployment and relax oneself, I have a suggestion: Let's go to travel! This isn’t escapism. We just need to have a rest and accumulate strength.

    Overcome Unemployment Psychological Crisis

    Unemployment psychological crisis causes big injury to the unemployed people. It not only injures the unemployed' psychological health but also injure the unemployed' body. Therefore, it is very essential to overcome unemployment psychological crisis.

    I offer 3 suggestions:

    1. Pour out
    Pour out unemployment trouble to family or friends. This is the best way to relieve unemployment psychological crisis. The significance of pouring out lies in getting rid of bad mood.

    2. Adjust re-employment concept
    The original employment concept doesn’t fit new employment environment under the situation of economic depression. I advise the unemployed people to redesign career life.

    3. Touch new things, master new skills
    In order to overcome unemployment psychological crisis and get employment chance, we need to master new skills according to one's own advantage. Touch new things, make new friends, thus can dig out your latent energy. We may learn change crisis into opportunity.

    Unemployment is a heavy blow to everybody. It tests everybody's psychological endurance. We believe we can overcome all difficulties, overcome unemployment psychological crisis.

    Do not Lose Hope and Confidence of Life after Unemployment

    Unemployment might not be a bad thing. Anyone may be unemployed. It can let you analyze your past experience, summarize your advantage, find out your shortcoming, think the future direction, and plan one's own life. Do not lose hope and confidence of life after unemployment.

    Unemployment is not failure. Unemployment is a kind of invisible pressure, but you can turn pressure into impetus. Confidence is the most important. As long as there is confidence, we can see hope.

    We should learn to face up to unemployment with smile. Unemployment makes us understand real life value. We can overcome all difficulties with the strong will. Do not lose confidence; do not lose hope. Nobody can defeat you except yourself.

    Recover from Unemployment Depression

    People feel depressed in the face of the pressure of unemployment. Unemployment may cause depression, binge drink or ill. Unemployment depression will influence normal life. In order to recover from unemployment depression, I put forward several suggestions:

    1. Write down your unemployment feeling
    Through experiment find: people who write down unemployment feeling can find work more quickly. Turn the experience of unemployment into characters, not only can relieve depressed mood, but also will change the angle that you treat problem.

    2. Rebuild self-confident
    A lot of unemployed people suffer from unemployment prejudice. The prejudice will wear down the unemployed' confidence. In order to rebuild self-confident, I advise you to tabulate a list. Write down the things that you are good at; describe some successful work experience; write down yourself advantage or praise yourself...

    3. Draw a lesson from unemployment
    The reason why boss hires you is not you need a job. They need you to create value for them, so you need to summarize experiences, recover from unemployment depression, and then look for a new job.

    U.S. Unemployed People do not Lack Employment Opportunity

    The newest investigation showed: half employees who were cut down in the past year have already found a new job in U.S., but the salary was lower than before, and the people who changed profession were numerous.

    807 unemployed people were investigated. The result showed: 38% people changed profession; 8% people found part-time work; 1/6 people had to move for the new job; the working time of 1/6 people was lengthened; but salary of 1/6 people increased.

    It is exciting news to unemployed people. Some unemployed people think that lack new employment chance now. In fact some companies are still recruiting.

    Face Unemployment with Smile

    The financial crisis came,
    Economy is shrinking,
    Unemployment is really an unfortunate thing,
    Lost job,
    Lost salary,
    Lost sense of achievement...

    But depression can't solve any problem,
    The economic crisis are expected to stay a while,
    It is better to seek joy than to live in depression,
    Our life is full of sunshine.
    Though job has been lost,
    Confidence is not lost.

    Not only smile when feel happy,
    But also learn to smile in the face of difficulty.
    We still smile,
    We just need courage,
    Resist the crisis optimistically!