What Should Be Done After Unemployment?

In the face of the threat of economic crisis, we may be laid off at any time. Please don't worry! I offer several suggestions to the unemployed.

1. Apply for unemployment benefits

If you were laid off, it is the first thing that you should do to apply for unemployment benefits. Please read this article about details: How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits?

2. Reduce expenditure

Cut down the unnecessary spending before finding a new job, and save up the remaining money.

3. Utilize interpersonal relationship

The interpersonal relationship network is the first choice looking for a job. Tell your friends and relatives you are looking for a job, and you need a job. Give your resume to them; they will help you.

4. Keep fit

Maybe you had an excuse in the past "I don't have enough time to do exercise." It's time to do exercise now! Physical training will bring good mood to you!

5. Become a volunteer

Becoming a volunteer can increase you working experience; you will get to know some new friends, maybe these new friends will help you to find a new job in the future.
6. Find a new job on Internet

Don't neglect the best resource around you – Internet and Search engine. You can find any resources and information that you need making full use of Google.


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