Six Fatal Errors in Job Hunting Resume

A correct resume is essential when looking for a Job. Writing a correct resume is easier than looking for a job. However, you may know it is very easy to make mistakes on the resume, and it is very difficult to retrieve the loss, especially after the resume was read by recruitment manager. Therefore, it is very important to prevent these mistakes. The following is the most common resume errors:

1. Typing error or grammar error
The words of the resume need totally conforming with syntax, avoid any ambiguous place.

2. Lack detail
The recruitment manager wants to know what you did in the past and your experience in this trade.

3. Omnipotent resume
So long as you attempt to make an omnipotent resume, and then deliver to all employers, the result will be that your resume will be thrown into wastepaper basket by recruitment manager.

4. Too long resume
Generally speaking, the best resume is within two pages. Nobody would like to see your lengthy speech.

5. The goal of job hunting is indeterminate
Certainly boss will see your job hunting goal in your resume, but a lot of resume’s job hunting goal is indeterminate.

6. Wrong contact way
This is the most fatal error.
Wish you can find a job with the correct resume.


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