Do you know semi-unemployment? Salary reduces, unpaid leave, short-term stop production, cut down welfare etc. These are known as semi-unemployment. Semi-unemployment is known as invisible unemployment too. Though semi-unemployment is invisible, the distance between it and unemployment is very near.

It will cause the great negative effect to reduce the staff. In order to avoid reducing the staff, companies adopt some substitute measures, such as reduce salary, unpaid leave... However, semi-unemployment is merely probation before unemployment. If the economic situation of company worsens continuously, layoffs will be unavoidable. Semi-unemployment is just like one big dog getting ready to jump at body, you can already feel its ice-cold breath.

How to avoid semi-unemployment crisis?

Maybe it is a false problem to avoid unemployment facing absolute economic crisis, but you should believe that the strong can survive.

My suggestions:
1. Keep advantage in your field. Even the ordinary secretary, outstanding shorthand ability may be the best means that avoids unemployment.

2. Become generalist. Once company needs to merge several posts, generalist employees can’t be unemployed.

3. Strengthen communication with boss; don’t complain about company's situation.

4. Spend free time to do aerobics, this is conducive to reduce pressure hormone.


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