Recover from Unemployment Depression

People feel depressed in the face of the pressure of unemployment. Unemployment may cause depression, binge drink or ill. Unemployment depression will influence normal life. In order to recover from unemployment depression, I put forward several suggestions:

1. Write down your unemployment feeling
Through experiment find: people who write down unemployment feeling can find work more quickly. Turn the experience of unemployment into characters, not only can relieve depressed mood, but also will change the angle that you treat problem.

2. Rebuild self-confident
A lot of unemployed people suffer from unemployment prejudice. The prejudice will wear down the unemployed' confidence. In order to rebuild self-confident, I advise you to tabulate a list. Write down the things that you are good at; describe some successful work experience; write down yourself advantage or praise yourself...

3. Draw a lesson from unemployment
The reason why boss hires you is not you need a job. They need you to create value for them, so you need to summarize experiences, recover from unemployment depression, and then look for a new job.


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