Overcome Unemployment Psychological Crisis

Unemployment psychological crisis causes big injury to the unemployed people. It not only injures the unemployed' psychological health but also injure the unemployed' body. Therefore, it is very essential to overcome unemployment psychological crisis.

I offer 3 suggestions:

1. Pour out
Pour out unemployment trouble to family or friends. This is the best way to relieve unemployment psychological crisis. The significance of pouring out lies in getting rid of bad mood.

2. Adjust re-employment concept
The original employment concept doesn’t fit new employment environment under the situation of economic depression. I advise the unemployed people to redesign career life.

3. Touch new things, master new skills
In order to overcome unemployment psychological crisis and get employment chance, we need to master new skills according to one's own advantage. Touch new things, make new friends, thus can dig out your latent energy. We may learn change crisis into opportunity.

Unemployment is a heavy blow to everybody. It tests everybody's psychological endurance. We believe we can overcome all difficulties, overcome unemployment psychological crisis.



April 26, 2009 at 5:22 PM  

Excellent website! It's important to keep a positive attitude during difficult times such as facing job loss or the result could be missing out on opportunities that might be right in front of you.

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