I Lost My Job What Should I Do?

I lost my job what should I do?

I lost my job what do I do now?

These are questions that the unemployed often ask. I provide some suggestions here.

It is the first thing that you should do to apply for unemployment benefits. You may read this article about the detail of applying for unemployment benefits: How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits?

You may look for the local unemployment office here: United States Unemployment Offices List.

I advise you to have a rest for a few days after unemployment, and adjust the states of body and spirit. It is time to begin to look for a job after you got your first unemployment benefits. I will give you some suggestions in Unemployment Website in the future.

In fact it is not fearful to lose job. I have lost my job before 10 months. I am a SOHO now. The money that I made on Internet is enough to support myself.


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