I Can Find a Job -- Psychological Suggestion of Looking for a Job

I am looking for a job. It is very difficult to look for a job in the storm of financial crisis, but I need to find a job, and I believe I can find a job.” John said.

The good psychological condition is the prerequisite of success. Don't ignore the power of psychological suggestion. The positive psychological suggestion can strengthen your self-confidence. It will become the motive power of success.

The power of psychological suggestion is really very big. A psychological research organization in U.S. once did such an experiment: Recruited some volunteers, measured their average grip (101 pounds) first, hypnotized them, and hinted they were weak. Measured their grip again, found their average grip was only 60 pounds; However, Offered them a kind of totally opposite hint in the same condition, told them that they were strong man. Their average grip can reach 140 pounds unexpectedly.

Therefore, it is very important to learn positive psychological suggestion. If you think nice thing, the nice mood will follow you; if you think evil thing, the evil mood will follow you. So long as your consciousness give an order, your subconscious will not argue with you, it will totally accept this order. Therefore, don't say: "I cannot", "I will fail", "I can't find a job", etc.

Let positive psychological suggestion substitute passive psychological suggestion; imagine your successful scene; give oneself positive psychological suggestion in brief language. You are the ruler of your life; so long as you have confidence in yourself, no one can change you! "I can do it!" "I will certainly be able to successfully!" "I need to find a job!" "I can find a job!"

No matter what opinion, plan or purpose, so long as repeated think many times with strong faith and expectation, then it will inevitable put in subconscious, become the source of positive action. You will become full of confidence! "Fact" will develop towards the direction that you imagine.

"I am the best!" “I can succeed!” “I can find a job!”

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