4 High Success Rate Methods of Looking For a Job

How to look for a job? This is the question that the jobless often ask. There are many kinds of methods to look for a job, but some methods are invalid or some methods are not fit for you. I provide 4 high success rate methods of looking for a job. Hope these 4 methods are helpful for you to look for a job.

1. Originality method of looking for a job: Success Rate 80%
According to your specialty and professional knowledge, inquire about the condition of job vacancy of the company that you are interested in. The practical results show it is the best choice of avoiding rivals to look for those companies not publishing want ad.

2. Talk to boss of company directly: Success Rate 50%
This method has a bit difficulty, the key is look for the chance to meet boss, because the bosses of some companies are very busy.

3. Ask friends and relatives for help: Success Rate 30%
This is an important method to look for a job. Offer detailed personal materials to your friends and relatives, such as job classification which you require, personal specialty, etc. They will help you to look for job.

4. Utilize Employment Services Centre: Success Rate 15%
Generally speaking, Employment Services Centre has established good cooperation relation with some company. They have more overall employment information.

In addition, high failure rate methods of looking for job (These methods are used by most people):

1. Want ad: Failure Rate 60% - 80%;
2. Employment agency: Failure Rate 75% - 90%;
3. Recruitment Ad of trade publication: Failure Rate 88%;
4. Send a large number of resumes: Failure Rate 92%.


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