10 Rules Help You to Make a Good Resume

The resume is a very important self-advertising file when you look for job. Our purpose is to strive for the interview chance. In order to defeat competitor, we need to make a good resume. The good resume can catch the employer's attention. You need some suggestions and guidance to make a good resume. The following is 10 rules of making a good resume:

1. The content and materials should be simple and brief.
The employer will read hundreds of even thousands of resumes. He is unwilling to waste time on your lengthy resume.

2. Avoid the words that make people difficult to understand.

3. Write in the third-person.
Thus you can emphasize your achievement, and don't seem boasting. This is the most standard self-advertising way.

4. Explain your achievement with accurate fact and data.

5. Adopt the word processor to create the professional file layout.

6. Use high-quality white paper.

7. Use high-quality printer.

8. Use bold type in important parts, but don't use colorful style or italics.

9. Two pages are the best, and must write the important content on the first page.

10. Guarantee materials and information are true, don't lie.

Wish you succeed in looking for a job.


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