Walk out of Unemployment Depression

1. Recover self-confidence
List the achievements that you once made. This can help you to realize your contribution and value; stimulate your self-identity. You should believe it was a wrong decision that boss fired you. You can get better position and make better achievements. Recover your self-confidence, is the first step that walk out of unemployment depression.

2. Pour out your trouble
Pour out your anger and unemployment depression to your families or friends. This can reduce inward self-accusation and helpless feeling.

3. Do exercise
Do some exercise that you like, such as run, swim or ride bike. This can prevent unemployment depression from causing health problem.

4. Let yourself busy
Prepare for new job or do some things that you like. In this way you will not feel depressed.

5. Choose the new job prudently
Unemployment panic and economic predicament may force you to accept a new job that you don’t like. This may cause your failure on the new position. Maybe it is the best choice that applies for a suitable job. Don't accept a job hastily.


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