Unemployment Thoughts

What agonizing thing unemployment is!

The day of the unemployment, you can stay at home and stay in bed, but this sleep is very uncomfortably;
The day of the unemployment, you can go shopping, but can only satisfy eyes, can not afford the desired vanity;

The unemployment is the pronoun of failure in most people eyes;
It is very unsuccessful that the unemployment has proved you did the thing in the past;

The woman next door is scolding an unemployed man;
The man maintains own dignity through the violence slightly;
The downstairs men who hang the sign of unemployment are waiting for the employer;

Society is realistic;
People are listless;
Unemployment is helpless;
Problem is own;

What someone learnt from books is knowledge;
What someone learnt from books is spirit;

It is innate instinct of people to indulge in material comfort;
It is instinctive refusal to bear hardship;
However, happiness has no inheritance;
This is as everyone knows;

What the unemployment brought to the poor is economic torment;
What the unemployment brought to the rich is the ruin of spirit;

The short-term unemployment can let people make a vigorous start;
The long-term unemployment makes people's spirit decadent;

The body has no thought;
Dignity has soul;
My body is whipped today;
My life will light the flame tomorrow;

The diligence isn't innate;
It is ignominious to muddle along;

The unemployment isn't terrible;
The unemployment of soul is a real devil;

Many people are walking close to the unemployment in reality;
It is wrong choice to abandon oneself to despair;
Should re-find the losing self;

Spirit fighting;
Tough character;
Unyielding will;
Will make you never unemployment...


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