Unemployment Storm Across the World

Under the influence of economic depression, blow "storm" in global many countries employment markets.

Because of unemployment storm, "Vertically Falling Body" crowd and "Wire-walking" crowd has appeared in the American society. U.S.A. economy is clouded. A lot of people who have superior job are dismissed and become "Vertically Falling Body" crowd. The incumbent feels insecure too, become "Wire-walking" crowd. They don’t know which day will become unemployment crowd.

Because of unemployment storm, what gold-collar workers of Britain thought aren’t to take the bonus, but how to keep the job.

Because of unemployment tide, the unemployed suicide appears again and again in India...

I advise the unemployed to keep optimistic attitude, find self advantage, expand the network of interpersonal relation, and doesn’t give up any chance looking for the new job.


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