Unemployment Panic Disease

We have seen the affliction that the unemployed suffer, but we ignored non-unemployment people. Perhaps the non-unemployment people are suffering invisible panic.

Did you feel panic when you saw your colleague was fired? Do you have crisis awareness to the work? Do you worry about you will be fired? Everybody is panic to the unemployment, but if you have the following symptoms, that indicates you have already suffered from Unemployment Panic Disease.

Do you know Unemployment Panic Disease? The clinical manifestations of Unemployment Panic Disease are chest distress, palpitation, sweat, hands tremor, dizzy, insomnia...

People are looking at colleagues with the intricate mood in the company. No one hopes the unemployed person is oneself. However, a lot of things suddenly happen. The greatest fear that non-unemployment people face is “uncertainty”. Generally speaking, these people will work harder in order to be approved by the boss. However, adverse influences come one after another, for example nervous, testiness; even someone get into the habit of smoke or drink to excess. People rely on the cigarette and wine to anaesthetize oneself. In addition, you feel more and more lonely in the face of the invisible competition in the office.

Therapies of Unemployment Panic Disease:

1. Set up correct cognition, treat self situation correctly.
2. Keep the smooth communication with the boss. This is the most important.
3. Have a heart-to-heart talk with family or friends.
4. Give up the bad habit.
5. Keep taking exercises.
6. Attend party.
7. Pay attention to the nutrition of diet.
8. Study ceaselessly. Bring self intelligence into play in the face of unemployment panic.
9. Turn to psychologist for help.


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