Prepare For the Next Step of Unemployment

Unemployment is an unfailing topic. Financial tidal wave has already come; thousands of employees are being swallowed up by unemployment tide. Perhaps this is the first time unemployment experience to young people.

If your company should reduce the staff or will go bankrupt soon, what should you do? I provide some suggestions.

1. Keep Sober-minded
Have a good rest for about one week at first, and keep away from that worrisome thing.

2. Prepare for the Next Step
Make more extensive employment direction. Don't only pay close attention to the relevant companies.

3. Keep in Contact
List all acquaintances' name and contact way after leaving office, include relatives, friends, colleagues, suppliers and customers, etc.

4. Adjust Your Position
Regard failure as the valuable thing. All of your personal experience can let you more worldly-wise.


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