If You Were Unemployed, What Should You Do?

The unemployment isn't a terrible thing to employee. Some people are active unemployment except company going bankrupt and layoff etc reasons. In order to look for better working environment, people leave with the new dream.

If unemployment, we still have a lot of things to do. I advise everybody to summarize oneself during unemployment period, prepare for success after the unemployment.

Appraise your job ideal

1. List jobs that oneself once yearned for, see whether there is still interested work.
2. Analyze one's own failed experiences.

According to your job ideal, tap the latent power

1. What are one's own strong and weak points? Face up to one's own strong and weak points. It is the symbol of one person's psychological maturity.
2. Find out one's own job interest; choose the work according with one's own interest; this will influence your successful probability.
3. Analyze one's own professional knowledge and work skill. Do you plan to learn other specialty knowledge?
4. What are one's own outlook on life and values? What are your job values? This plays a key role to your occupational attitude.
5. Analyze your job worry may come from what aspects. Analyze one's own personality, ability and physical strength. Ask for suggestions and views of family and friends.

Collect and put unemployment information in order

1. Collect unemployment information that suits oneself. Confirm information is accurate and true.
2. Find out your goal job.
3. Know the social development situation of this job.
4. Know the duty of your goal job, and know related training information.

Perfect obtain employment action

1. Adjust mental status; seize the opportunity, and keep optimistic and self-confident.
2. Prepare the accurate curriculum vitae and self recommendation letter.
3. Cool-headed deal with written examination and interviewing.

In a word, you should know yourself, and have confidence in yourself. Arrange your unemployment life according to the above-mentioned steps. The unemployment is only a little stay. Have a rest, and then begin a new job journey.


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