Five Suggestions to the Unemployed

We realized that the economic crisis really has come when Microsoft announced to cut down 5000 people in the whole world!

If you are unemployment unfortunately, don't be sad.

I give you five suggestions:

First, please don't lose confidence. Reasons of unemployment are in many aspects. Perhaps you are very excellent and have very strong ability, but your company isn't outstanding.

Second, develop another specialty utilizing free time of unemployment. For example art, music, public speaking or foreign language, etc. This is helpful to strengthen your confidence.

Third, look for the chance to join the really excellent company. The economic crisis can't block the progress and innovate of enterprise. The companies that can create value for the customers still need talents.

Fourth, establish a business! So long as there are courage and enthusiasm of creating new value for the society, the way to start a business is just under your foot.

The fifth, self-examination. Perhaps unemployment isn’t really your fault, but did you really go all out? What contributions have you made to the company?


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