Do You Have Danger of Unemployment?

The thing that employees dislike is the unemployment. However, if the boss wants to dismiss you, you don’t have any method. Do you have danger of unemployment?

If you work in a company for a long time, and you have high salary. High salary and high-ranking position make you proud. You think you can keep your position relying on professional knowledge of self. Then, you lost the enthusiasm of learning new knowledge. This causes your competitive strength to reduce. Cause the unemployment finally.

If you don't have special skill, even if you find the job of high salary, once market demand changes, will cause your unemployment because of lacking ability. Therefore, I advise you to accumulate professional competitive strength. Once the environment changes, you can also find a new job.

If you are a success man, and you have high salary, high-ranking position and happy family, but you aren’t satisfied with these achievements. You have already worked in a company for over 3 years. You want to change the work; you want to earn the higher salary, but I advise you not to do this. Maybe you will not adapt to the environment of new company; maybe the salary of new company isn't so high.


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