Dispose of Unemployment

If you are newly unemployed, you need to solve a lot of problems of unemployment. Maybe you have no experience, but I can give you some suggestions.

Because of pressure of unemployment, maybe you will become angry and depressed. This is a normal behavior. However, it will injure your health, so I advise you to change your mood and get rid of unemployment depression.
Have a rest, analyze one's own situation.
Check your financial situation.
Confirm whether you are qualified to apply for unemployment benefits at first.
File unemployment claim to unemployment office.
If your health insurance benefits are paid by your boss, ascertain how to keep those benefits.
Learn from others with unemployment experiences.
Participate in job training; strengthen the professional skills.
Begin new job search. Find out the jobs you are interested in.

I am also a jobless man, so I offer some information to the unemployed. I hope the information is helpful to the unemployed.


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