Believe Oneself, Challenge Unemployment

The unemployment doesn’t mean you lose all. Depression and painful recollection will drag your step, and make you unable to advance. Unemployment is just unemployed only! It is an indispensable part in your life. All people will experience it!

Believing oneself; unemployment is the loss of that company, they lost talents. It is not your fault. So long as there is confidence, you have hope. A perfect job is waiting for you. Why are you still hesitating? Why do you want to give up?

I am also an unemployed man. I was once very depressed too. Not because of the unemployment, but because I feel one’s own ability is unable to bring into play. Though I am not more excellent than others, myself think I am excellent, because I am unique existence in this world. You too!

I don’t fear failure. Failure is the mother of success! The life that has not failure likes a pool of stagnant water. Believe oneself; challenge failure. Nobody can defeat you, except yourself. I am an unemployed man, but I don't like giving up, because my heart isn’t unemployed.


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