Be a Happy Unemployed

Is unemployment a sad thing?

I advise you to change the mode of thinking. Maybe unemployment is happy. You have worked for the salary for several decades. So you can regard unemployment as a kind of rest. Maybe God lets you have a rest. Perhaps you found the value of life suddenly after unemployment. You found your real interest. Perhaps you will feel anxious on the initial stage of unemployment. However, you will really think that you have begun "Live for yourself" after a period of time.

You needn't stay in the office which is short of oxygen every day. The body that was worn and torn by the work for a long time will obtain more rest under relaxing environment. Your health condition will become good.

In fact the salary is indemnification which the work causes the unhappy that the company compensates for employees. If you are unemployed, though you have no salary, your soul is happy! In addition, you have more time to improve your family relationship.

Please change your mind from today. Forget the sorrow of unemployment, and find the happiness of life. Be a happy unemployed!


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