Awake After Unemployment

A steady job is most basic hope of everybody. A lot of unemployed people may feel discouraged and depressed when facing unemployment pressure. These bad moods will follow the unemployed all the time, until finding a new job.

If you lost your job, I advise you to do some things during unemployment. And awake after Unemployment.

1. Rest: Relax your mood.
2. Replenish: Train the second specialty or interest actively.
3. Contact: Find long-lost friends or make new friends, perhaps these friends can help you in the future.
4. Look for free resources and information: The government and employment departments offer the safe employment channels to the unemployed, and provide free job hunting materials. You can utilize these resources and information to search job opportunity.
5. Re-recognize oneself: Inspect one's own life attitude and demand for job.
6. Maintain good mood, and do the best preparation.


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