Adjust the Body of Unemployment

The unemployed should pay attention to own body. If you lose your appetite and suffer from insomnia, or your body becomes weak. This indicates the unemployment has already influenced your health. Please don't worry! I advise you to adjust the body of unemployment. I provide some suggestions now. These suggestions will help you to improve your health.

1. Try to keep the regular rest schedules; sleep on time every night.
2. Avoid those excitant things such as coffee and wine after supper.
3. If you still can't fall asleep after lying down for 30 minutes, get up and read some books until the sleepiness comes.
4. Go outside and sun as much as possible, or sit under the sunshine in your home.
5. Keep regular exercise, for example take a walk every day.
6. Drink enough water every day.
7. Keep balanced diet, eat more high-fiber food.
8. Exclude sugar from your food as much as possible.
9. Supplement vitamins every day as much as possible.
10. Maybe you want to utilize the time of unemployment to ponder over your life. Perhaps you need some time to accompany your family. Your soul is eager for simple life.


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