Our Government is Fighting Against Unemployment

Unemployment is a problem that each people faces, and you must find a way to beat it. The Conservatives believe that a pro-active stance to ensure that the economy remains sound is better than simply passively looking at what's happening. We believe the Government needs to shape the economic environment using the correct tools to ensure that there are enough jobs and that the economy is growing.

It is a fact of life that the Government has an effect on the economy, and we know the outcome of excessive intervention. We also know the dangers of absolutely no active intervention as well. The compassionate Conservative solution to this puzzle is to state that the middle ground is best. The kind of intervention that is needed is the kind of intervention that gives more freedom to economic agents by giving them the information or the skills they need to be successful.

Perfect competition is only possible in a model, but that does not mean that the Government should not strive to ensure that it exists. The Government has a role to play on job creation, because there are causes for lack of jobs and economic stagnation that the Government can help to solve with sensible economic policies. "The Fight against Unemployment" is one of the most important fights any Government faces.


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