Current Situation that American Unemployed Man Look for Job

The employment market situation of U.S.A. is very bad now. It is very difficult to find a job. Usually thousands of people go to apply for a position. Even if you would like to look for a job of low salary, it isn’t so easy.

There are more and more unemployed people; there are fewer and fewer employment opportunities. In fact a lot of job hunters are in despair state now. Job hunters deliver the resume to various companies even if the job doesn’t suited to his/her vocational training or specialty. Such a state brings much trouble to recruitment company. In addition, it is very difficult for job hunters to find the satisfactory job.

For example manager Mark Callahan of IT Company plans to recruit a technician. He receives hundreds of applications, but 90% of applicants are not up to standard. He says: "Only 10 people are qualified in these applicants. I only let five people among them interview. I was surprised that so many applicants are not up to standard at all.”

A manager talks about: We face too many applications now. Even write an employment ad in Russian, countless people will apply. Job hunters don't mind whether or not understanding at all.

So I advise job hunters not to apply the job doesn’t suited to your vocational training or specialty. If you are not up to standard, those companies will put your application aside. This is a waste of your time.


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